Pastor John Aidoo

Proverbs 15:22; Acts 5:33 – 40. The counselling ministry is highly essential in our day to day Christian life.

Counselling Ministry takes care of marriage couple’s youth, courtship, personal challenges, spiritual growth, new believers, if a person enters a hive etc.

They are there to bring restoration to every situation confronting the human race. The ministry that brings order in the church and create good environment for all race. Counselling young, old and new believers.

Indeed prayer goes with counselling without led by the Holy Spirit it is easy to give poor counselling to a person. Wherefore prayer / counselling ministry engage themselves in marriages, courtship, personal problems, employment etc.

Rev 2:20; Proverbs 15:22; Acts 5:33-40

Changing Lives - Changing Families - Changing Communities